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About Lejian

Lejian play is a very special company. We attach great importance to production quality and service, but we pay more attention to the needs of users. We hope that the products and services provided by Lejian Play can help customers solve difficulties and create more value.

OK Playground
  • Indoor Playground
    Indoor Playground
    Indoor playground is the hottest product of our company. Because the project is comprehensive, it includes soft package obstacles, soft package bridges, large slides, ocean ball pools with colorful ocean balls, climbing tubes, etc. , so it is deeply loved by children of all ages, such as 5-13 years old. Our customized service can bring a variety of themes to customers,For example, jungles, forests, and oceans are all popular styles, injecting soul into the venue, and bring storytelling and immersive feeling. The overall structure of the children's indoor playground is like a maze, so we also call it Maze Area, and explore layers one by one to increase the gameplay of exploration.
  • Trampoline Park
    Trampoline Park
    Trampoline park is our company's second-best-selling product by a crowd, and their sporty nature keeps teens and adults alike sweating it out. This area contains not only a trampoline, but also a foam pit, dodge ball, battle beam, sticker wall and sky slam. Trampoline parks are popular not only because of the richness of projects, there are many free jumps for people to experience, but also because it has a dedicated area for professionals to use-professional trampoline. This is a great experience to challenge yourself and release your energy!
  • Ninja Course
    Ninja Course
    Ninja course is a challenging and game-like project. Due to its certain difficulty, it is more suitable for children over 8 years old to experience it. We can of course create an experience suitable for younger age groups by customizing our services. This is a very physical game, with stamina, patience and physical coordination. We can ensure the stability and security of the device while creating an exciting gaming environment. It would be a good choice for this area to be designed in a trampoline park or indoor playground, but it depends on the client's requirements for its own site.
  • Role Playhouse
    Role Playhouse
    Role playhouse is the favorite and most suitable project for children under the age of 5. Its feature is that it has many types and can experience different roles of different occupations and be immersive. Themes such as fire stations, small supermarkets, and hospitals can bring children Come and experience the multi-virtuous role. It can develop and improve children's sociability, realize "device-free socialization", and encourage social interaction, because children can fully interact with other children in the role playhouse. The significance lies in keeping children away from electronic devices and teaching them the importance of socializing.

Equipment purchase process

The first stage is the inquiry stage --- you need to tell us your intention to open what type of playground, so that we can provide you with the corresponding catalog, find some favorite styles from it, and let us know your preference in color and Subject preferences. In fact, before you make an inquiry, you should make sure whether your site has been determined and the size of your site (length, width and height, the more specific the better), and send it to us in the form of a CAD drawing. Hand-drawn sketches are also acceptable.

The second stage is the design link. After the site planning is completed, we will make design drawings for you according to the theme you want. We focus on providing customized services, so share your ideas and ideas and we will reflect them in the design. It may take about 1-3 days in this link, and the time will be different depending on the size of the venue. The final design version is determined after continuous modification.

The third stage is quotation, transaction, design link is not only the confirmation of site equipment, but also a process of constantly adjusting prices. The confirmation of the final design version also means that you accept the final quotation, and we will immediately prepare the contract for this site to confirm our transaction, and require you to pay a deposit to start production.

What can we provide?

Our company was established in 2006. Over the past 17 years, we have been insisting on providing customers with "one-stop" service, and we are fully responsible for everything from design to installation. You may be a person with great ideas and novel ideas, please tell us your ideas and needs, our professional designers will integrate them into the design, this is one of our services --- customized service . 

Our second major service---instant feedback and information sharing service, in the production process, we welcome you to come to Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province to check the production process, and we will regularly share the production progress with you in the form of videos and photos during production. Shipments are promptly documented at the time of shipment. 

Stability testing is our third major service. This process is mainly that we will try to build your equipment before delivery to confirm whether the overall structure is firm and safe, and then disassemble it for packaging and delivery.

Our fourth major service --- installation service, our project team will make a file of installation instructions with videos, just find the corresponding materials and build them step by step according to the instruction. Meanwhile, if you encounter any problems during the installation ,contact us and we will assist you online. This may be the unique feature of our company---we have a professional installation team. If your site is large or you have difficulties in installation, our team can go to your site to assist you.

The fifth major service---provide after-sales service and help you in time! Our company is more like your friend, when you need us, we are all there!

Photo Center of recently project

We have 17 years of design, production and installation experience, North America, Europe and Japan are the three main sales markets. The following are case sharing and pictures from customers